Only once in a life...

Hi, everyone! My name is Nadya. And I'm from Russia.
I like anime, k-pop, good films and books.

Beautiful M\V! So emotional!



Be strong!

Be strong!




Yeah Stop Stop 会淋湿你的翅膀 Oh Hoo Stop Stop

你不断悄悄地入侵 在我每一天的缝隙
放逐了黑色梦境 温柔将我唤醒
来不及关上窗 你远远地逃离

黑夜依然冷清 空气里失去你
So Baby Hold On 捨不得看着你
在我追不上的距离 担心你一个人孤寂

凝结成画 在我视线尽头

触摸不到的你 无法拥在臂弯里
即使闭上眼睛 再也梦不到的神秘
不知如何下笔 写完你的 Story
愈是想要靠近 愈痛苦的悲剧
爱难以抗拒 Stop Stop Stop…

Only yours!!!!!!!

Only yours!!!!!!!

A poem for EXO

Moonlight  around us

You call me my lady

I feel overdose now

I’m not really ready

Mama please help me

He is my wolf

He’s growling at me

I am like a fool

You saw two moons

And thunder at night

It’s your love love love

I know you won’t lie

You say I’m beautiful

And baby don’t cry

I have a black pearl

I wanted to try

December in miracles

It’s history line

You can tell what is love

I know you will shine

2048: Haruma Miura Edition

This is my Haruma Miura’s version of that popular game!


princemakaron’s first Tumblr giveaway!

As many of you know, I was the top supporter on JJCC’s first Mwave Meet&Greet, so I do have a lot of copies (too many) of JJCC’s autographed album! Because of that, I decided to hold a giveaway for you all. I want to thank you all for 400+ followers in 3 months! I hope you will all continue to support Prince Mak and JJCC in the future too :)

Two winners will be chosen at random and I will be messaging them the day after the giveaway ends. If there is no response within 24 hours, I will choose someone else.

♕ Autographed copy of JJCC’s first album - 첨엔 다 그래 (At First)

♕ You must be following me

♕ Only reblogs will count, but you can reblog as many times as you like

♕ If you are under 16, you must have permission from your parents to give me your address

♕ You must be willing to give me your address

♕ I am willing to ship worldwide

♕ There will be two winners, one album per winner only

♕ The polaroids and badge pictured in the photo are NOT included in the prize

Giveaway will end at 6PM July 23, 2014 AEST
Winners will be chosen and messaged on July 23, 2014